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AGRIECOL is a scientific and technical network for research on organic food and farming.

AGRIECOL aims to provide communication among research groups, companies, associations to enable them to identify and develop lines of research on Organic Farming.

Increased scientific knowledge in all areas of organic food and farming is needed for the sustainable growth of the sector in the local and global food market as well as in the system of safe and healthy food production. It is likewise necessary that relevant stakeholders have access to technical information and scientific publications, mainly agricultural policy makers and technicians of the competent authorities, the inspection and certification bodies of organic farming, agricultural organizations and associations promoting organic farming.

The AGRIECOL network provides the framework and tools to enhance cooperation and optimise research efforts, as well as to disseminate knowledge and technology to the organic sector.


AGRIECOL aims to provide a communication network for all research groups, companies and associations of organic food and farming to identify and develop research projects.

To facilitate scientific and technical cooperation between Spanish research groups working on organic food and farming.

To promote cooperation between research groups in national and regional research projects related to organic food and farming.

To study and identify research topics in organic food and farming.

To promote international cooperation and the participation of Spanish research groups in coordinated European projects and further afield.


AGRIECOL brings together 79 entities, 44 research groups belonging to research institutions and 35 belonging to Universities, more than 300 researchers and 13 organizations from the organic sector in total.

Research Network in Organic Food and
Farming and Forestry.